Extended Bio

bear_mystic“Musical Alchemy,” he says, “is an expression for the magic that transforms a normal song into a time traveling portal.” If music rides on the waves of every moment, Singing Bear hovers in the precise here and now, surfing each new note and melody effortlessly as if doing it again for the first time.

Anthony Singing Bear grew up in Cleveland, Ohio where he excelled in Mathematics and Science. He worked his way through calculus by the his sophomore year in High School and around the same time found a deep passion for the piano. Anthony studied classical piano with pieces from Mozart, Bach, Debussy, and others, and found music came as natural to him as Math. He attended a very rigorous all boys high school much like “Dead Poets Society” and received several awards including “Best Chemistry Student of 1992″ and “Best Math and Science Student” of 1993, earning him a full ride scholarship potential to many major universities. But, as he says in his song, “Indigo Child”, “Politicians, teachers, and authority figures can’t force me into molds that don’t fit me. My true calling must be remembered. I will surrender to my destiny.” Something in his creative soul refused to be put in a box, and in his last year at University School, screamed to be free. He became known for his free spirited nature, encouraging others to be free and uninhibited, and by the end of his senior year, created such a presence that it began to threaten the school’s ability to govern the students. So before he was able to give his senior speech to the entire school assembly, he was expelled. Subsequently, a letter was sent to Brown University telling them to cancel his admission and scholarship because he was not “fit to be part of the community”. So he earned almost straight A’s and two major awards at a very prestigious High School and was not given a diploma because he was too creative.

He continued his life so much stronger and more aware, dedicating much of his energy towards music, creativity, and the expression of love and freedom. Thus began his spiritual path which led him all over the United States, Navajo Nation, Mexico, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Holland, Poland, and on and on. In 1997, his mother, Nancy found his new name in a Shamanic Journey. She gave him the name Singing Bear in a sacred ceremony that took place on his family farm in Meigs County, Ohio. For the years that followed this ceremony, Singing Bear kept to the name “Tony” and refused to publicly acknowledge the name given to him. In all of his travels, he carried his $200 cedar top seagull guitar that his Dad got him when he was 16, and learned songs from the Grateful Dead, Bob Marley, the Beatles, and Bob Dylan. In 2002, after meeting Lindy Kehoe, he formed the band Forealious and the Serendipity Circus. They played around Athens, Ohio and were written up several times in the local papers with quotes like “about as funky as you can get on an acoustic guitar” and “uninhibited folk rock”. After 3 years in Athens and playing at festivals such as Uprising Fest and Comfest, Singing Bear started to feel like a big fish in a small pond.

In the Fall 2005, he sold his house in Athens and moved to San Francisco with only a couple friends in the bay area and a complete trust in spirit and officially took the name Singing Bear. Now only two and a half short years later, his energy and experience has pulled him into the forefront of the conscious music movement. He has produced two low budget productions “Earth Speaks” and “Supported” both which have been extremely well received, and is currently working on his first major release. He is being featured alongside musicians such as Wisdom, Jillian Spear, Chris Berry, Shimshai, Tina Malia, Scott Huckabay, the Human Revolution, and Cipes and the People and at large Health Conscious Festivals and Events such as Harmony Festival, Monterey Pop 40th Anniversary of the Summer of Love, Raw Spirit Festival, Mystic Garden Party, CAST, Peace Village Festival, Dreamtime Festival, The Good Fest, and the list goes on and on. Singing Bear is becoming known for his powerful lyrics that are often channeled in the moment. His performances are always fresh and magical and never a repeat of the old. In fact you never know what to expect when you see him live – it could be an intimate soft and sweet moment with him and a guitar or it could be a full 9 piece rocking band that makes you want to dance so hard you fly from your body. In any case, his performances will always uplift your soul and often times induce spontaneous shamanic healing. All in all, this is one potent brother with a powerful presence and a profound message, and it is only a matter of time before he is discovered by the world.

Singing Bear was named by his mother – Anthony Singing Bear – and he is part Native American but does not flaunt it. In 2005 he moved to SF from Ohio where he had a band called “Forealious” … since then he has been performing non-stop, and has performed as some of the largest festivals on the West Coast including a slot at Mystic Garden Party where he played just before Michael Franti and all with no management, agent, or promotional team. He has sold over 3500 CDs by himself and continues to elude Labels and Managers with his covert style. He recently teamed up with producer and writer Jesse Boleyn to record “Gold” – Recorded at Renegade Studios (Jefferson Starship), Mixed by Chris Garcia (Santana, Dido, Katy Perry) and Mastered at Sonic Vista Studios (Lady Gaga, Grizzly Bear) … – All Independently and Produced at the highest level … This new album introduces Bear to the world as an Independent World-Class Artist and is certain to become a classic.