What Sets You Apart From Other Bands?

The thing that sets Singing Bear apart from other bands … their Lyrics. They have a very captivating and magnetic stage presence and with a wall dropping bitter sweet voice, ambient jazzy chord structures and balanced harmonies. But honestly, what makes their performances and recordings stand out are the words … the poetry. Truthful, real, and original.

What Are Your Shows Like?

Their live performances are magic because they allow themselves to go beyond their recordings. Bear will freestyle new lyrics and speak lucidly as if channeling from another time and space. On stage, they are on fire, a presence, a spirit, a voice of the people, a muse, a witness, a visionary, a comedian, a star. You will hear acoustic guitar, harmonica, keys, electric guitars, bass, effects, harmonies and unique percussion with flawless skill and funky style. You will hear an impeccable sensibility as the band navigates through each musical wave with a sort of ESP. You will hear them sing angelic and move elemental, like liquid velvet. But in the end, the thing that everyone really comes for are the words … the lyrics … the poetry … the vibe.

Short Bio

Anthony Singing Bear is a stylistic singer-songwriter weaving wise words and personal stories into jazzy swing, world beat, reggae, hip hop and soul. His popularity is in large part due to his conscious well-thought lyrics, inventive songwriting, and soulful emotive voice. Bear’s prolific garden of songs seem developed and timeless like something out of the archives, and yet his ever evolving repertoire is very much here and now. It is a unique brand of music, in the style of John Mayer, Jason Mraz, and Brett Dennen, but really defying all genre classifications.

Most Recent Album Release: Gold

Bear has just released a full length CD, ‘Gold’ – produced by Jesse Boleyn, Engineered at Renegade Studios (Jefferson Starship), Mixed by Chris Garcia (Santana, Dido, Katy Perry) and Mastered at Sonic Vista (Lady Gaga, Grizzly Bear). Think Jason Mraz meets Wisdom meets Eddie Vedder “Into The Wild” soundtrack. Singing Bear has also performed at Health Conscious Festivals and Events such as Harmony Festival, Monterey Pop 40th Anniversary of the Summer of Love, Raw Spirit Festival, Mystic Garden Party, Topanga Earth Day Festival, San Diego Earth Day Celebration, CAST, Peace Village Festival, Dreamtime Festival, The Good Fest, and the list goes on and on. Singing Bear is currently being played on several radio stations throughout the US and is receiving more and more internet and print recognition for their album “Gold”.

Singing Bear - Gold

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